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no way in hell i’m tagging this but i really really hope that paradox space picks up bc atm it’s making me like homestuck less instead of more and i’m afraid that when hs starts back up again for real i’ll be too annoyed with pxs to care

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This is one of my favorite little comics on here.

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Your name is ELSALA ARENDE - though you prefer to go by ELSA - and you have a DANGEROUS SECRET.

Despite your blood making you HEIRESS TO THE EMPIRE, you harbor a MUTATION that you must hide - in addition to the minor one which affects your hair’s pigmentation. Typically, highbloods are stronger and more durable at the expense of a lack of the powers lowbloods possess; however, you are WEAK AND FRAIL AS A LOWBLOOD and possess a power of your own: THE POWER TO CONTROL ICE AND COLD.

Perhaps your mutation might not be so bad were it not THE CAUSE FOR YOUR EVERYDAY FEAR AND PARANOIA. After all, as heiress to the EMPRESS’S THRONE, she could come to challenge you any day - and you know that you would not stand a chance against her. When you were younger, you had your LUSUS to protect you; but your lusus has been dead for a while now, so there is NOTHING LEFT TO ENSURE YOUR SAFETY. 

Not even your MOIRAIL is aware of your powers - and you are fortunate that she is not. Two sweeps ago, you LOST CONTROL of them and hurt her, killing her lusus in the process, but she did not remember any of what had happened upon waking up, and you are content to leave things that way.

Your CRIPPLING FEAR of your powers becoming known has caused you to lead an altogether boring life in order to CONCEAL THEM, locking yourself away in your room and trying to teach yourself NOT TO FEEL. Thankfully, you have your HUSKTOP and can still maintain contact with the outside world so long as you DON’T LET YOUR EMOTIONS GET THE BETTER OF YOU. (You’ve ruined a husktop or two that way before.)


Your name is NYANNA DELINN, but your friends usually just call you ANNA.

You are of ROYAL BLOOD and moirail to none other than the HEIRESS HERSELF, or at least you’re supposed to be. But you two haven’t really had any real feelings jams for a while now - or physical contact at all, really. Two sweeps ago, she LOCKED HERSELF AWAY for reasons unbeknowst to you in her HIVE, a large castle built on an island in the middle of the sea. You didn’t want her to be alone, so you decided to STAY IN THE CASTLE WITH HER.

You still don’t ever see her, because she NEVER LEAVES HER ROOM, but you hunt for food for the both of you in the surrounding waters - thankfully, she seems okay with the idea of opening her door for long enough to accept your offers of food - and basically just spend your downtime GOOFING AROUND ON YOUR HUSKTOP. You don’t have much else to do with your time, after all. Frankly, it’s a little boring.

Maybe this whole thing wouldn’t be so bad if you could just TALK TO HER, but even during the rare times when she is willing to at least chat with you on Trollian, she is DISTANT AT BEST. You aren’t going to give up, though - she’s your MOIRAIL, and YOU CARE ABOUT HER. You just need to get her to understand that somehow!

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The theme from the most recent Ava’s Demon animation! I wrote this song inspired specifically by music from The Secret Garden film, by Zbigniew Preisner. I loved the way it meshed with the animation that Michelle made for the comic, she is a master!

If you’re interested in downloading the track (and a bunch of others that I don’t normally release), I just uploaded the song on Patreon for my patrons to download if they like.

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animangeleon | "Quiet - Feferi and Nepeta"


Sorry if you have to mess with the volume! It’s been a while since I could sing because school makes me very busy. Still, Im glad I found the time to do it! Lyrics by the wonderfully talented berryciesta!

(I made this at like 2 am.. hahaha. There is also a Feferi who dubbed this here! 3833 I didn’t see it until now!)


Download/info/lyrics on tindeck: [x]

Picture: [x]

Feferi and Nepeta: Me


You don’t understand, I wrote this while thinking of you and your FefNep songs! I like your Feferi songs and your Nepeta songs and your duets! I’m so happy you sang this!!!!

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with luck, after college ends i will find a stable enough job where i don’t have to worry about bringing work home with me and then I will have enough time to update my comic twice a week, do some online commissions, and… AND…

…bring back mustuck

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Songbound Feferi | "Quiet"


Song: Quiet 
Original: Quiet By Lights
Lyrics: Berryciesta 
Track Art 


P)(ew, th)(at was somet)(ing! I )(ope you like this as much)( as I did!

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Sung by - Me (Of course)
Lyrics by - berryciesta

I just wanted to do a little thing for 4/13, so excuse my terrible singing voice!
I hope you guys like it. <3

Here’s another 4/13 thing peeps!


Happy 4/13

I drew this around the same time I drew this Eridan one, only I never colored the Fef one. So I figured this was a good day to do that.

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Haven’t updated my masterlist in awhile, so I updated it and I’ve written just shy of 250 parodies!