Oneiromancers Update!

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Go read my webcomic. I’ll remind you again when ch1 ends but I think I got the hang of webcomicing now probably so go check out it.

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Kronuslampora | "Cardboard Mansion"


Why Does my Music always Sound stuck-up and depressing? Anyway, here is another piece i Wrote, currently under the Name Cardboard Mansion, due to it being originally a piece for askcr33p3rnepeta. But it is too sad and depressing for the Cardboard Mansion Nepeta lives in. So for now, I have to figure out how to write Happier music.

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Melody Handmaid | "If I Can't Kill Her"


Yes.  Crack.  Good.  Very good.

More opera.

Song is ‘If I Can’t Love Her’ from Beauty and the Beast


Look at this twisted face

See it betray my place

The devil’s slave who leads a life undying

The death left in my wake

It feels a grave mistake

Yet here I am my eyes remain uncrying

Ageless, watch the world die

Watch the time fly

Life, a lost illusion

Helpless, dreams that can’t be

Then it hits me

Yes, his slave she will be

Oh, freedom could be mine

Cut from the chains of time

No reason to fear

If I can’t kill her

No demon to tame me

No peasants to blame me

For all of the havocthat he would have me do

If I can’t kill her, it’s through

Long ago my fate was claimed

To Lord English I was chained

Now there is the option to move onward

Pain always gets deeper

Life too can be cheaper

But I’ve found the light

If I can’t kill her

If she can replace me

Then he can’t deface me

Fate rides on this battle

So I look to the queen

If it’s not to be

If she can’t kill me

Then I’ll know I can’t be free

Download is here.


JL8 #171 by Yale Stewart

Based on characters in DC Comics. 

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2014 Con Schedule



A friendly reminder that I’ll be attending C2E2 in Chicago this coming weekend, from 4/25-27. You can find me at Table U17 in Artist Alley. Swing by and say hey!


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arr. rinforzando | "Mirror Mirror (Music Box Cover)"


Mirror, mirror, what’s behind you?

Save me from the things I see!

Music box version of Weiss’ theme!  Original composition by Jeff Williams.  Cover by me.

Official RWBY artwork by

Let It Blow

 Original is “Let it Go” from Frozen. There was a request for Clubs Deuce / Courtyard Droll to sing a cover so yeah here it is. Btw, “sump-in” is an accented way of pronouncing “something.” AKA, remove the accents on the “th” and the “g.” Didn’t know if there was a clearer way to say that.

The chessboard’s got no bodies tonight
Not a human or a troll
A courtyard of detonations,
And it looks like I’m the droll

And Jack is howling like a swirling storm parade
What he’d want of me? Something ‘bout some jade?


Forgot the plan, forgot again
He said sump-in, I don’t know what he meant
Just think… some rings? I know I know…
Nope, I don’t know!

Let it blow, let it blow
Just blow up a thing or two
Let it blow, let it blow
Cause I don’t know what to do

I can’t tell
If I’m doing okay
Let the bomb explode,
The blast never bothered me anyway

It’s funny how some fire
Makes problems go away
Like the children up on Prospit
Won’t live another day

I think that’s what, the mission was
Does this explode well? Yes it does!
Get out, the way, my hands are full…
Of bull… (penis!)

Let it blow, let it blow
I am one with the shaving cream
Let it blow, let it blow
You’ll never get to scream!

Here I land
And get away
Let the bomb explode…

Eruptions booming in the air are super big
My soul is frolicking in happy dances like a jig
But then Jack’s caterwauling like there’s something wrong
Well I don’t understand,
The bomb was just a bomb!

Let it blow, let it blow
Shining gold like the break of dawn
Let it blow, let it blow
That prospit girl is gone

Here I dance
Such a happy day!
Let the bomb explode,
The blast never bothered me anyway

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My desktop computer just stopped working at all… My laptop was showing similar signs but is working for the moment (except for the SOUND which is kinda big for this blog)… and the family computer is just as old as those two and runs on the same operating system (windows xp)

Yeah so… expect me to basically stop existing online at any moment as all the computers in this house have been deemed obsolete and start killing themselves.

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Sometimes, when I have little children characters, I like to use the crayon tool and pretend they are ones doodling stuff or that their thoughts are all in the scribbley crayon style

Woah I really love this style! The crayon-coloring technique looks really pretty like this!

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the lengths i go to not write a paper are incredible

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Saiven | "Take To The Sky"


Song: Take To The Sky
Original: Take To The Sky - Owl City
Lyrics: Berryciesta

Track art


I love John Egbert. I love Owl City. I had to do this, I’m sorry. On the bright side this’ll be the last song of the week, I swear.


Get lost in the carapaces
There’s a battlefield I fear
Dear friends in far-off places
Carry me away from here

Gonna fight, so let Vris equip you
‘Cause this tier is a pain to get
And you’ll go on a new adventure
Where you’ll never be dead

Birds-eye view, 
Awake a god with the sky around you
Fresh breath will always brighten the blue
Live this dream, 
And you’re gonna see, this liberty
‘Cause after all this wind will take you up so high
So bid the wild fire goodbye as you breath it in and 
Take to the sky (you take to the sky)

On the heels of ecto-siblings
There were lives all lost today
You can’t make it a new beginning
But you can try any way

Start a scratch, the record spins, this
World ends but a new begins
So take a chance on life and victory
You can’t go back


There’s a world beyond our own
Where the game is ours to claim
So now I’m not just stuck at home
I’m not the same