Today, I got in the laptop skin I ordered from Emi! It came in an envelope that was basically the perfect fit, the skin was in a plastic sheet that was the perfect fit, and then it was the perfect fit for my laptop! (my laptop didn’t SEEM like it matched the size descriptions right so I went what I thought was a size down just in case and wow I’m glad I did).

It has an amazing feel to it and it slid on like a glove it, it was so easy to put on. As far as the quality of the print it’s a little dark and VERY red and orange. My camera quality doesn’t help but yeah it’s pretty darn red. But I don’t care cause I still love it and I’m so glad to have it!!!

So if you happen to see someone in Massachusetts with this cover on their laptop surprise it’s probably me. (you won’t see me I don’t get out much).

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